In and around Monza

To most people, Monza means Formula 1 and the Autodromo Nazionale, where the Italian Grand Prix has been held since 1922 and organized by the Automobile Club of Milan. But there is more to Monza’s heritage than high-octane sport: it is a fertile land for successful entrepreneurs business people.

Just half an hour from the center of Milan, Monza is a modern city in which history and nature live in harmony. One of the great attractions of the city is the Museum and the Cathedral Treasury, and be sure not to miss out on a visit to at least one of the historic mansions dotted with lavish gardens, especially the Villa Reale and the Monza Park, the green lung of the northern area of Milan.

The villa, designed by architect Giuseppe Piermarini was built for the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, in the neoclassical style. It is both sober and sumptuous at the same time, with around 700 rooms. Today the villa can be rented for special events.

About ten miles out of town you can make a tasty excursion for quality fresh produce and seasonal menus at 0KM Lataste, a cafe, bistro, food and wine shop with a design and art gallery. The concept was forged from the dreams of 5 fellow travelers with a love for culinary literature.

In Monza, you can enjoy one of the more unusual of Italian products; Asparagus Rose Mezzago, a unique and particularly valuable vegetable, perhaps best sampled at dinner in the restaurant La Piana. The restaurant is set in a small courtyard and boasts the unmissable tagliatelle with asparagus and Rose oil of lemon and anchovies.

Staying overnight? Book a stay in the discreet luxury as guests of the Family Nardi Hotel de la ville, just in front the Royal Palace.