24 January 2016

Mountains of Biella

For those passionate about mountains and those who are not, either way, a new destination enriching your journey to Italy, is the area in the Mountains of Biella.
There are many reasons to choose this destination in the province of Biella: it is a source of new discoveries and emotions, only one and a half hours from Milan. Among the clearings surrounded by the Alps, the spectacular depressions Valley Cervo, Valley Evo, Valley di Mosso and Sessera are also highly recommended.
On the map of Piemont, Valley Cervo part of the city Biella follows the eponymous river and climbs up to the top of the mountain. In the urban lowland plain, one can find the laboratories Sella, archeological industry and the foundation Pistoletto Città dell’arte. It should be mentioned that Biella and its region is internationally known for the production of high quality wool and yarn. Accommodation and conference centers of high standard form the outline of an ideal shopping area with more than 50 factory outlets. These provide brands which are among the most prestigious in Europe at outlet prices. Is there a better opportunity, just a step away from Milan, to buy a souvenir from Biella like a cashmere sweater or a prestigious fabric at factory price?
The valley is narrow and passes gradually through many small towns in the mountains like the municipality of Rosazza, famous for houses designed in Balsen style. Further, in Piedicavallo-Rosazza towards Oropa, one can find the Sanctuary of San Giovanni d’Andorno but apart from the religious structure surrounded by mountains, there is also a restaurant and a hotel.
When considering nature, perhaps the most fascinating is Valley Evo, an area that has managed to combine tradition and history for tourist offers with many activities related to tourism outdoor excursions. Here, one can visit the farm of Andrew Peretto, breeder since generations, managing a shop of own produced cheeses, including Maccagno Dop (“Controlled designation of origin”). Nearby there is also a manufacturer who brews beer, supported by the Local Action Group.
In a unique setting of Tracciolino , a visit to the La Cà di Antonio Di Bitonto is truly worth it. It is a small “agriturismo” (Farmhouse accommodation) with an incredible view of the Serra morenica. In addition, Dop potatoes (“Controlled designation of origin”) are grown in the mountains and can be enjoyed as well as other traditional local dishes.
Around 100 kilometers from Milan the Oasis Zegna and the area of Brughiera Sanctuary is situated in the Valley Mosso and Sessera, where two features are not to be missed. Firstly, it is possible to do all sorts of winter and summer sport such as mountain biking or hiking. Secondly, is the panorama spectacular from the surrounding balcony Zegna, where nearby one can find quality textiles, Made in Italy, produced in the factory Ermenegildo Zegna.
In Brughiera, among the religious atmosphere of the sanctuary, the landscape was dedicated to pastures up to a hundred years ago, nowadays the flavors and the territory merge in the rediscovery of tradition. In fact, there are several high quality catering and accommodating businesses situated, such as “Il Faggio”, the “locanda della Brughiera” and the “Castagneto”.
Finally, there is an adventure park in the woods of Veglio, appealing to devotees and families, offering bungee jumping from the bridge of Pistolesa, a viaduct that is among the highest in Europe.