30 March 2016

Travel through Italy with Italo


Italo, the new high speed train from Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, is a perfect choice for travellers: reach your destinations faster and more conveniently! Currently passengers of Italo can go to Naples, Rome, Florence, Turin, Salerno, Milan and other cities. These trips also include express service from Milan to Rome lasting only 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Bologna is the logistical and operating headquarters of the company NTV. You can find assistance and welcome points (Casa Italo) in all stations covered by the service (Roma Tiburtina e Roma Ostiense, Napoli Centrale, Bologna Centrale, Firenze S.ta Maria Novella, Milano Rogoredo e Milano P.ta Garibaldi). The design for Casa Italo was conceived by Milan architect Stefano Boeri.

You can choose between three classes of travel; Club, Prima (Prima and Prima Relax), and Smart (Smart and Smart Cinema) with prices for everyone. The train can be composed by 7 to 14 wagons with a range of seats between 250 and 650. In the Smart Cinema you can can watch movie premierson eight 19-inch high definition screens. The Club has 19 available seats and two 4 seats lounges. Thanks to three different technologies (satellite, UMTS and Wi-Fi) there is ample free Internet access on board, and – an absolute first – the possibility of watching live TV, from the comfort of your seat. All the seats are Frau leather seats in various colours depending on the coaches. The meal service is entrusted to Eataly, a leading expert on Italian gastronomy and highest quality cuisine, which has developed three different on-board menus: orto, gustoso and tagliere.

The train has been designed by global leader Alstom to reach speeds of up to 360 km/h. Its articulated frame  permits wider coaches and the distributed drive system with motors positioned on the bogies – an alternative to the traditional motor drive situated in the first and last coaches – offers real benefits for travellers in terms of the amount of space available onboard the train and comfort during the journey.