29 March 2016

Armani in Milan

Fashion mogul Giorgio Armani, or “King Giorgio” – as the Italian press has come to call him – started as a window dresser in at a Milan department store in the mid ‘50s. Around 10 years later he started to design menswear and in ‘73 and was convinced by an architect friend Galeotti, to open a design studio in Milan. As he did. With great success. He got the opportunity to work as a freelance designer for a number of great fashion houses getting some precious experience under his belt which he needed for the founding of his own label together with Galeotti in 1975.

With his trademark simplicity and timeless elegance, Armani portfolio grew to include haute couture, ready-to-wear collections, shoes, watches, jewellery, leather goods, accessories, cosmetics, eyewear, electronics and home interiors. The brand also branched out into several sub-labels including Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani, Armani Junior and Armani Collezioni to name but a few.

Almost forty years down the line, Armani is one of the best known brands in the business worldwide. Its Empire includes more than 250 stores in 33 countries as well as a chain of luxury hotels, all designed with his undisputed, understated class. The company grosses 2 billion dollars in annual sales, while the personal fortune of Giorgio Armani is estimated at 7 billion dollars, making him one of the wealthiest fashion icons worldwide and forth richest man in Italy according to Forbes.

In 2004, Giorgio Armani signed a contract with Emaar Hotels to build and operate seven luxury hotels as well as three vacation resorts carrying the Armani brand, one in the spectacular Burj Khaliffa in Dubai. In 2011 he opened his first hotel in Milan with 95 guestrooms with a rather retro-chic and ‘dolce vita’ atmosphere decorated personally by Giorgio Armani. You can see from the air, that the building itself has been created in the shape of an A.

Although he was born in Piacenza, Armani has always loved Milan, the Via Manzoni complex, an entire Armani block in the city centre is a fashion tribute to Milan. The Armani Megastore in an 8,000 square foot showcase for the high fashion creations of Armani clothing brands, Armani Casa, a flower boutique and book shop and the Milan flagship store. The complex also houses Milan’s Sony electronics boutique and play centre, an Armani Nobu and Armani café. You can easily spend a day here. And a million, if you have one.

Why not book your stay at Armani Hotel during the your next visit to Milan?