Switzerland from Milan by train

The Montebello curve near the Morteratsch station at the Bernina Pass
Bernina Express: Chur-Tirano.

With high numbers of visitors coming to Milan, Switzerland may be the perfect solution for hospitality during your stay in Italy.
Fast, reliable and frequent connections between Milan and all major swiss cities make transportation by rail a relaxing and inexpensive alternative and staying in Switzerland the perfect choice far from the hype. The alpine adventures, silk-smooth chocolates, mountains and lakes welcome visitors all year round: either for an adventurous summer hike, or an active leisure time when skiing.

Rail Italia operates daily and takes its passengers from Milan to various cities including Bellinzona, Geneva, Zurich and Basel, from which additional connections can be made to smaller cities in Switzerland. Plan your trip in advance to come across special promotions and discounts, and make sure to reserve a seat to have a truly comfortable experience.

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