22 January 2014

New Holland Corporate Pavilion for Expo 2015


The industrial vehicle makers New Holland Agriculture, a leading firm producing tractors, harvesters and utility vehicles for agriculture have released designs for their Corporate Pavilion called ‘Earth Screening’ at Expo Milan.
With sustainable agriculture at the base of the design, Turin based firm Carlo Ratti Associati teamed up with Recchi Engineering, for the winning bid.
The highlight of the 2015 corporate pavilion will be the two automatized tractors with zero carbon footprint, to run on self produced energy, and incessantly plough away at the field on the sloped roof of the pavilion, like an enormous 3D plotter.
“We are thinking of a future where an agricultural field can become the base for a huge agricultural printing, with major advantages in terms of biodiversity and the preservation of resources’ says Carlo Ratti on the theme ‘Feeding the Planet’.
Apart from the robot-tractors on the roof, the inside of the pavilion will host an exhibit on some of the latest and most significant innovations that New Holland has made in the field of automatization and sustainability in agriculture.
Colourful visuals and dynamic images of farming from all over the world will be an invitation for visitors to participate in sustainable agriculture from around the globe in all four seasons.
After the closing of the Milan Expo grounds on the 31st of ottobre 2015, the 1600 square meter pavilion will be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere as an innovative children’s teaching program.


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