21 December 2016 - Milan

Kitchen Villa

Kitchen Villa is the no-frills name of a brilliant new idea launched by Milanese events management agency About Events. It combines the expertise of an emerging chef with exclusive use of a superb villa venue on the outskirts of Milan.

The Baroque Villa with its splendid Renaissance garden is one of the oldest in Crescenzago, north-east of the city centre. It was built beside the canal that links the River Adda to Milan as a sort of holiday home for clerics. Since 1865 it’s been in the hands of the De Ponti family, captains of the textile industry. One of their daughters, Giuseppina, was an emancipated woman of some note through most of the 1900s, a maverick who travelled the world, obtained a driving license and established her own luxury fashion brand. The Villa is beautifully furnished in a bygone style, as she left it.

Matteo Reina is the Kitchen Villa chef, a culinary innovator with firm roots in the Lombard regional tradition. He tirelessly researches –or grows – the ultimate raw materials for recipes of his own invention, combines them simply and presents them exquisitely. On a choice of luxury tableware.

An event, a business lunch, a meeting or simply a private dinner: any of these can be organised at the Villa. A charming conservatory is the ideal place for cocktails. The small dining room with a fireplace seats up to 8 cosily, while a grander one can accomodate many more. Coffee and after-dinner drinks are served in front of an open fire in the splendid drawing room.

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