29 March 2016

WOW Museum of Milan


The WOW Comic Space in Milan, which opened in 2011, preserves and promotes the ‘Ninth Art’ in an exciting and fun way. Created by the International Centre for the Study and Documentation of Comics and Fondazione Franco Fossati, the museum is a mix of comics and cinema; visitors explore a world of cartoons, popular literature, music and games. The changing exhibitions are always amazing, a true journey through the works of authors from around the world and of all ages. Access is free for all exhibitions on the ground floor, as well as to the library, bookshop and café.

The WOW Museum in Milan is home to one of the most celebrated events: the Manga Festival – with exhibits boasting original materials flown in directly from Japan. WOW Comic Space is a true home of the genre and open to all; a very good idea if you arrive in Milan with family in tow.