4 November 2016 - Milan

Vortex by Remy Uno for Pucci

French-born, Berlin-based artist Remy Uno is the creator of a spectacular installation for the Emilio Pucci showroom in Milan, housed in stately 16th-century Palazzo Recalcati.

Vortex is a kaleidoscopic work inspired by one of the most emblematic patterns of Pucci’s Resort Pre-Spring 2017 collection, fashioned by the brand’s creative director Massimo Giorgetti. A painting of a female figure appears, anamorphically split into sections, on mirrors suspended at various levels and on different planes, apparently floating over a purple rug.

Fashion meets art in a space framed by a prism of fluorescent lights, where the painting interacts with the observer and with the baroque architecture of the room.

Seen head-on, the image is whole, almost flat. But move only slightly to either side and it fragments, becoming abstract and pluridimensional, the parts indistinguishable from their reflections.

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