29 March 2016

Nicola Trussardi Foundation in Milan

Founded in 1996 by the fashion house, carrying the same name as its owner, Nicola Trussardi, they originally worked within its own exhibition halls. In 2002 under the direction of the President Beatrice Trussardi, daughter of late Nicola, and artistic director Massimiliano Giono the Trussardi Foundation decided to explore new territories and expanded in to the public spaces of the city of Milan in the realms of contemporary art and culture in various forms.

One of the main aims of the foundation is that of communicating with the audience, and developing an interaction between the artists and the general public. The non-profit foundation’s work organizes events and exhibits in Milan, showcasing the latest trends in contemporary art, and experimenting with art in the daily life. Participants in the projects include some of the most challenging talents and emerging artists who have the opportunity to showcase their work on and off line through various media.

Today, the foundation is a key institution on the Milan art scene. The events and the exhibitions give visitors and participants alike the chance to rediscover some magnificent, rather hidden architectural spaces around the city of Milan, that the foundation fills with contemporary art in various forms. The foundation was based in the very central Palazzo Marino alla Scala, adjacent to the famous Scala Theatre, today runs two major exhibits in Milan every year, often hosted in new, up and coming neighborhoods.

Partnerships with international galleries include The Tate Modern in London and the Kunsthaus in Zurich while recent exhibits have included well established artists Maurizio Cattelan, John Bock, Martin Creed and Tacita Dean to name but a few. The Foundation spaces have extended visiting hours and free entrance during exhibits.