29 March 2016

The Triennale of Milan

Close to Sforza Castle in Milan you’ll find the Triennale di Milano complex. The museum hosts events and exhibits on the theme of architecture, music, media arts, urban planning and contemporary design in Italy.

Inside the Triennale complex you will also find the Milan Design Museum showcasing Italian culture with new exhibits and contemporary installations on regularly. The Collezione Permanente is a very impressive collection with objects in wood by Giovanni Sacchi and original drawings by Alessandro Mendini. As well housed in the museum is the major exhibition Milan Triennial Exhibition of Decorative Arts and Modern Architecture.

Don’t miss the suspended bridge – a 14 metre long walkway designed by Michele De Lucchi, made out of bamboo and glass, today a symbol of the museum. Inside the complex you will also find the Agora Theatre by Italo Rota – a wood and glass container for workshops and performances.

If you enjoyed the Triennale experience which features work by Achille Castiglioni, you will probably also enjoy visiting his Studio-Home and Museum where you can find photos, models, projects and books by this great Italian designer.