29 March 2016

The Design Library in Milan


The Design Library in Milan offers a workspace to contemplate and inspire; it is the first library in Italy dedicated specifically to design with its primary purpose promoting Italian work to the rest of the world.

The library has magazines, catalogues, books and hosts market research facilities along with multimedia material. Access is available to a database that can be used for marketing purposes or personal research, so, whether you are a designer, manufacturer, a small business owner or simply a design enthusiast, the library will undoubtedly more than fulfil your needs.

Every Thursday the library becomes a symposium for associates and members, with debates, lectures and discussions aplenty. Typically a designer will give a talk on themes such as sustainability, technology, identity or communication (Roberto Palomba, Konstantin Grcic and Mario Bellini have all been guest speakers).

The nearby and luminous DesignLibraryCafé, offering a lunch menu and refreshments, was created to provide a welcoming environment for research and meetings. James Irvine and Mad­dalena Casadei designed the Café.