30 March 2016

Porta Romana Design Quarter

art Expo

The Porta Romana district was considered the most impressive entrance to Milan for centuries, thanks to the monumental arch built by Philip III of Spain in 1596. According to legend, the town’s devil lived in these streets, but in actual fact an extravagant Marquis Ludovico Acerbi.

Today the streets of the area are not haunted by this macabre presence but are populated by creative and eco-sustainable citizens devoted to healthy living!

At Cascina Cockaigne it’s about reviving this urban farm area. Inside you will find kitchens, bars, ‘A Place in Milan’, the ‘Bottega di Campagna Amica’ and the hostel together with permanent workshops like the ‘Ciclofficina’. In addition there is a meeting point, an active laboratory of culture and a place of reference for social welfare and quality of life.

The boutique ‘Must Have Kilometer Zero’ select clothing of high quality and package it following the model of short chain. As for the Arts, the Artopia Gallery showcases the work of emerging artists from both the Italian and international art scene. At ‘a 15’ you can find many high design pieces for sale by private individuals.

There is also no shortage of laboratory design and communication at the mama design lab. You can drink a beer at Bar Hop in Viale Regina Margherita, or dine in the garden of The Cloisters of St. Barnabas an ancient convent dating back to the fifteenth century, offering the visitor great charm and tranquility.

For metropolitan relaxation, head to the Terme di Milano the first spa treatment in the world within a tram; faithfully restored and placed in the spa’s beautiful gardens.