29 March 2016

The Museum of Twentieth Century in Milan


The Museum of Twentieth Century (Museo del Novecento in Italian) is located in the Arengario palace near Duomo square in the centre of Milan. The museum opened in December 2010 and is seen as one of the most important art galleries for Italian and international art in the 20th century. Of an area of 8,500 square metres, 4,500 square metres are dedicated to exhibition space further complemented by an area for other services such as a bar, restaurant, ticket office and educational area.

Particular relevant in the museum are the sections dedicated to futurism, spatialism and rate povera. The collection includes masterpieces of several Italian artists such as Modigliani, De Chirico, Pellizza Da Volpedo, Boccioni, Balla, Carrà and Sironi. Also included, international painters such as Picasso, Kandinskij, Braque and Mondrian.

The Museum’s mission is to work on various levels to promote an intercultural approach and engage an audience ranging from professionals to children to passing visitors. 400 works of art are on display comprising of paintings, sculptures and installations.

The Museum of the Twentieth Century has the objective of supporting different cultural projects that will give further glory to the city of Milan.