29 March 2016

Galleria Campari in Milan

STD_Galleria Campari_10maggio

The Campari Group has a long and rich history of Italian liquor – based on the outskirts of Milan – it sits comfortably somewhere between industry and art, with its iconic advertising posters and collectable images. The Campari cocktail was born in Milan in 1867, with the opening of the eponymous bar in the corner of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, it was in fact a local who coined the famous slogan “Milano da bere”. In 2010 the site of the historic Campari plant in Sesto San Giovanni (1904) was renovated by architect Mario Botta and can be reached by car in just 10 minutes. Galleria Campari is a kind of permanent laboratory that tells the story of the brand through various forms of art and design. The visitor can experience the famous advertising campaigns and images from the collection, in a place dedicated to the heritage of the brand. Encapsulating history with a modern and technological twist with thanks to reinterpretations of famous designers through the latest multimedia technology. The building is on two levels: the first floor is dedicated to the exhibition of works by international artists such as Leonetto Cappiello, Bruno Munari and Ugo Nespolo. The second floor houses a collection of the famous product itself, represented by typical objects for bars; cocktail shakers and glasses, menus and ashtrays, serving trays, bottles and original watches of the ’60s and ’70s. Also on the second floor there is an entire room where you can watch interviews with designers who, over the years, have emphasized and interpreted the famous brand. A unique place that celebrates a drink with top-secret ingredients.