29 March 2016

Achille Castiglioni Museum

The Achille Castiglioni Studio Museum opened on agreement between the Museum and Milan’s Triennale with the intention of maintaining the legacy of one of Italy’s most famous designers alive and give the opportunity to the larger public to access his work and archive.

The Museum is very centrally located, right in front of the spectacular Castello Sforzesco, since it’s opening in 2006 attendance has been beyond expectation with over 29 000 visitors to the museum. The Achille Castiglioni Studio Museum was recently transformed into the Achille Castiglioni Foundation.

Guided tours are on appointment only and usually run by Irma and Giovanna Castiglioni, wife and daughter of the late industrial designer who accompany small groups through the spaces and illustrate the projects of one of Italy’s greatest designers. Visitors are offered a peek into the objects that Castiglioni designed and collected over his lifetime. Faithful assistants Antonella Gomati and Dianella Gobbato, who worked alongside Castiglione for twenty years, remain on the same premises converting designs, drawings and photographs into digital format, as well as curating an archive of books, films and publications that illustrates sixty years of design work by Achille Castiglioni.