30 March 2016

Vertical Forest in Milan by Boeri

bosco verticale11

In many parts of Europe, where there’s no room for horizontal greenery, it’s cultivated vertically. An example in Italy is the eco-sustainable redevelopment of the historical Isola di Milano quarter by Boeri Studio, a 40,000 sq.m. area.

The plan is part of a wider eco-friendly urban renovation scheme known as Porta Nuova, which has now become an innovative green solution.

This particular urban reforestation project, ‘Bosco Verticale‘, involves two residential towers, one 111m tall with 24 floors and the other 78 m and 17 floors. Over 900 trees create a microclimate pavilion in which the greenery absorbs pollution and smog, providing a barrier against wind and noise, and producing oxygen, among other benefits.

Innovative technologies have been used to measure these and other factors in and around the two buildings, ensuring developments over time are carefully monitored.

The Vertical Forest in Milan is one of Boeri‘s 6 ideas for a new BioMilan, a metropolis aiming to become an icon of biodiversity and of a new balance between man, nature and productivity. 65 million Euros is the budget for the eco-project which includes liveable urban spaces such as a swimming pool and gym, a broad pedestrian zone with shops, a covered piazza between the two buildings and 6,300 sq.m. of offices. Completing the concept with energy from renewable sources, the project forsees wind turbines on the roofs and photovoltaic panels on the sides of the buildings most exposed to sunlight.