30 March 2016

The Royal Palace of Milan

The Royal Palace of Milan (Palazzo Reale di Milano in Italian) is a culture centre and a home to many exhibitions and expositions. It has been the seat of the government of Milan for many centuries. The palace is located to the right of the facade of the cathedral the Duomo of Milano.

The interiors was commissioned to famous artists, such as the Maggiolini family. The great Neoclassical renovation performed by Giuseppe Piermarini took place towards the end of the 18th century. From then on, it was a palace for the rulers of the city, including Maria Theresa, Napoleon, Ferdinand I, and the Savoy family, Italy’s royal family. Many illustrious artists enriched the halls with magnificent works of art, paintings and furnishings, to celebrate the glory of kings and emperors.

The Hall of Caryatids is located on the first floor of the building and occupies the site of the old theatre burned in 1776. It is the only environment that survived the heavy bombing of 1943 when which was the cause of loss of many neoclassical interiors.

Over 1,500 masterpieces from the most famous museums in the world are exhibited in a space of 7,000 square metres every year. These are often works that have left a tangible memory: Botero’s shapes and invention, Kandinsky’s abstract painting, the Futurist brilliance of Boccioni and Balla, Monet’s Impressionism, and the Scapigliatura style of painting.

Today, The Royal Palace of Milan is one of the most important exhibition venues in the city: for modern and contemporary art and also fashion and design shows.