19 April 2016

The Duomo Museum reopens in Milan

Piazze d’Italia – Milano 1 by Joerg Niggli

After an 8-year, 12 million euro restructuring operation, Milan’s Museo del Duomo (Cathedral Museum) threw open its doors again to the public on the Feast of St. Charles Borromeo, erstwhile pastor of Milan and patron saint of Lombardy.  The inauguration was attended by large number of curious citizens and numerous institutional representatives, including the Mayor, Giuliano Pisapia, the Deputy Mayor, Ada Lucia De Cesaris, the Bishop of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola, the CEO of Expo 2015, Giuseppe Sala, and the Governor of Lombardy, Roberto Maroni.

13 themed spaces, 27 galleries and 2000 m2 of historical and cultural heritage provide an overview of the entire history of Milan’s symbolic cathedral, from the laying of the first stone in 1386, right through the Middle Ages, via the Viscontis, Sforzas and Borromeos, to the modern age and the genesis of the famous, iconic “Madunina”. The museum will be open every day (except Monday) for a modest entry fee of €6, with late night openings on Thursdays and Saturdays.