29 March 2016

Cascina Triulza

The architecture of La Cascina Triulza reminds of the buildings in Lombardy, and is central to the ‘Project Cascine’ which is working towards restoring one hundred farms owned by the city. The total area is approximately 7600 square meters and includes 4400 square meters of open space around which there are 4 other buildings.

The historic house is being renovated and upgraded in order to provide an extraordinary space within the site, which will serve to be an example of Lombardy architecture and an agricultural production model; important to the themes of agricultural culture, nutrition education, sensitivity to issues and environmental sustainability.

 The Centre for Sustainable Development (CSDi) is at the forefront of technological research on the theme of food and will remain as a legacy to the city of Milan after the exhibition closes. In addition the space will be used for conferences, offices and space for dining. The farm will also host outdoor events.

Visitors will be given the opportunity to explore agricultural routes together with urban parks.